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Transitioning to clean energy ultimately frees us

Editor, Re:  “Enough already” (January 24, 2024).  Contrary to the suggestion in the letter, heading off the worst effects of climate change need not require any restrictions on personal liberties. Neither scientists who’ve provided our understanding of the issue, nor advocates of a transition to clean energy are interested in controlling others’ lives. Climate advocates simply share with most readers the desire for our children and grandchildren to have lives full of choices and free from disruptions and unnecessary costs. Some advocates of climate action adhere to political views with which the letter writer would no doubt disagree. However, many...

Danger to our democracy needs attention

Editor, One of my favorite TV news shows early Sunday morning is “This Week With George Stephnopaulos.” I especially like the segment with Donna Brazile and three others discussing the subjects Stephanopulos brings up. Brazile is great. This 65-year-old political strategist and analyst is clea...

We must remember to love

Editor, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” (Martin Luther King). And so I write. As we celebrate the legacy of MLK this month, reflection might be valuable. If he were alive today, what could he teach us about slavery and the Civil War? About Jim Cro...

Enough already

Editor, It’s unbelievable that newspapers across Montana are singing the climate change mantra. Our state is the laughing stock of the nation after our courts allowed kids, backed, funded, and coached by a leftist law firm out of state, to sue the state with absolutely nothing but anecdotal evidence...

Retired judges endorse Dan Wilson for Supreme Court

Editor, As retired Montana judges, we join to endorse Judge Dan Wilson of Flathead County in his bid for election to the Montana Supreme Court. This year, Montanans will elect two new Justices to our state’s highest court. Chief Justice Mike McGrath and Associate Justice Dirk Sandefer have announced...

Is America sleepwalking into a dictatorship?

Editor, I believe John Steinbeck’s quote is prescient in 2024:  “I think because they trusted themselves and respected themselves as individuals, because  they knew beyond doubt that they were valuable and potentially moral units-because of this they could give God their own coura...

Words of comfort?

Editor, The grief of losing a loved one is enormous. Losing a child is an unbelievable grief. Losing a child from violence by another child is an unimaginable sorrow. People offer words of comfort, which may or may not help, but at least don’t normally cause grief to be worse. It’s why D...

Initiative-193 benefits few, costs many

Editor, Initiative-193 appears to be a do-over of HB 241, a bill that would have required the MT Fish & Wildlife Commission to allow hunting by non-tribal members on fee lands within the exterior boundaries of an Indian reservation. I-193 would grant a benefit to a limited number of landowners, at the...

May better aspects of human nature prevail

Editor, Today I was tuned into the Saturday morning MSNBC show “The Weekend.” In one segment they had Wes Moore on. Westley Oman Moore, born 1978, Governor of Maryland since 2023. He’s also an investment banker, author, and former television producer. He was so articulate and wise as ...

Women don’t want government controlling their bodies

Editor, Abortion has become a “hot topic” in our country these days. The Republicans who have been pushing this issue now wish it would go away. But it won’t, apparently. Abortion, also known as “Reproductive Health Care,” has captured the attention of women all over our nati...

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