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Considering the origin of our plutocracy

Editor, A letter to the editor from Rolan Becker in the April 17 issue states that my letter of April 3 “makes several statements worthy of challenge,” then fails to say what these statements are except to deny the accuracy of something I hadn’t said. My letter of that date had the narrow objective of stating the historical fact (contrary to two previous letters from local “conservatives”) that the Declaration of Independence was not divinely inspired. Everyone involved in its writing was either an atheist or deist. Mr. Becker never addresses this issue. As his letter addresses me, but doesn’t involve me, I will address some of his comments. His ...

Food pantry volunteers appreciated

Editor, Don’t you love learning curves? You know, the distance between what you know and what you need to know to do a job? Sometimes a learning curve represents a frustrating experience. However, a learning curve can be a more pleasant line. At the Loaves and Fish food pantry in Polson, we love ...

Drug court is important program

Editor, I was delighted to see your article in the April 17 edition in regard to the successful first year of Lake County Drug Court that is focusing on rehabilitation and overall life counseling. The smiles on the faces of the judge, participants and counselors are worth a million words. You can see the ...

Highway clean up appreciated

Editor, Kudos to the families with the bright green vests that picked up trash on Hwy. 93 last Sunday afternoon. Hope you found some treasures. But let’s all try to take better care of our own trash. Make our highways more beautiful. (Especially for our visitors.) Kathleen Scott Ronan

Declaration of Independence created by regular people

Editor, What were the “true” beliefs of the Founders? Were they “pure” religious beings (whether Christian or not)? I doubt it. To steal from Thomas Paine – “Hey, how about a little common sense.” It is likely that the humans of 1776 were similar to those of 20...

Requesting your vote

Editor, My name is Virginia DuBrucq. I am a resident of Polson and a candidate for Trustee of the Lake County Public Library Board, and I hope that you will support me in this election. I believe that my background and experience will serve you well. It is my understanding the Lake County Public Librar...

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