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Slices of Life

When my kids were babies, I took lots of photos – always hoping to get the one perfect shot. This was during the prehistoric, pre-digital age, when cameras required film and film required developing. You couldn’t take a million pictures and preview them on your screen. You had to send them away and pay to have them printed. One by one by one.  Back then, I couldn’t tell a megapixel from a winning lottery ticket, but I knew I’d be able to recognize the perfect shot when I saw it. Trouble was, after hundreds of developed photos, I still hadn’t seen it. I burned through scores of 35 mm rolls, peering through the lens and giving thanks for the auto-flash...

Slices of Life

Our search for meaning is nearly as old as time. I’ve been round and round and round again (and again) with widowhood. To say I overthink it is the understatement of understatements. It seems like something this big and this life-changing should have meaning.  Big meaning.  I can&...

Valley Views

In a biblical passage lies a parable of two builders: the wise one who constructs his house on a stony foundation, and the foolish one who builds on a foundation of sand. When the storms come, the house built on rock withstands the floodwaters, while the foolish man’s house is forever swept away. In...

Climate Corner

What do a retired businessman, Miss Montana Teen USA, Miss Montana USA, a forester, a fifth-generation Native-American Salish woman, and an MSU sophomore all have in common? We live in Montana, vote, and volunteer with the nonpartisan Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). We’re focused on solving cli...

Valley Views

In our previous columns, we introduced our organization and explained our constitutionally granted Right to Know, underscoring its importance. This time, we’ll talk about the accessibility of this Right for individuals from Carter County to Kalispell, how “fees” can disrupt the right, and w...

Valley Views Valley Views

As the Executive Director of the Montana Nonprofit Association, a membership association that supports more than 850 organization across the state, I’m dismayed by multiple recent incidents of political leaders and influencers casting local public charities across Montana as “dark money” gr...

Slices of Life

A very good friend shared a written message regarding thoughts on aging with me. It was about growing old, but not feeling like you are growing old. It gave me pause to ponder. Your hair may be graying. Your skin thins and sags. Laugh lines - aka wrinkles -  provide evidence of the happiness you&rsqu...

Fight continues against government secrecy

News from Upper Seven Law HELENA — On June 13, 2024, a group of Montana voters responded to Senator Keith Regier’s unprecedented attempt to avoid discovery of documents related to partisan gerrymandering of the Public Service Commission (“PSC”). A district court previously held tha...

View from the Library

We have successfully kicked off our annual Summer Reading Program with over 100 attendees at our first program and 289 registrations on the first day. It’s not too late to register – you actually have until Aug. 10. Visit our website or stop in the library for details. We have wonderful incentive...

Valley Views

Having proudly served as former Secretaries of State in Montana, we understand how important democracy is to the people of our state. It’s not a matter of what side of the aisle you stand on – it’s a matter of what you value. Recently our state’s Supreme Court reaffirmed that Monta...


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