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Trump era resolved by citizens

Editor, We can all relax. We can feel fine. We can put aside any worries we may have about our nation’s future. We can know that all our political and personal lives will continue in relative  How do I know this? I know it because of this most wonderful and vivid dream I had last night. It started right where we are today politically, economically, and personally. It took our nation through a most interesting 2024/25...... in “living color.” And it all turned out fine. Yes, the whole Trump era situation resolves in time with proper legislative and legal work and voting by our nation of dedicated and sensible people, we citizens. Bob McClellan Missoul...

Policy changes recommended to support Tribal families

Editor, From 2019 to 2024, the congressional Commission on Native Children was tasked with examining federal, state, and tribal youth programs across the nation. As a Commissioner on this commission, I can attest that most of the witnesses chosen by federal agencies received federal funds in one manner...

Contraception access shouldn’t be a thing of the past

Editor, On June 5 the U.S. Senate voted on advancing a bill to protect access to contraception. Senator Steve Daines (R) voted against it. Senator Jon Tester (D) voted for it. The bill did not advance because it did not meet a 60% majority vote to advance. The federal government is not interested in...

Lake County Sheriff’s Office will continue to enforce law

Editor, To the citizens of Lake County:  As you may be aware, we are on the eve of Lake County withdrawing its consent to bear the costs of PL280, a law which provides that the state, and therefore my office, have jurisdiction over tribal members who commit felony crimes. Because it has been widely p...

Those who serve are true patriots

Editor, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes.” (Maya Angelou) Memorial Day is coming up. My father flew an Air Force C-47 delivering supplies to troops across the Aleutian Chain in Alaska. I lost one brother too soon due to exposure to Agent Orange ...

Positive news important too

Editor, This morning, May 9, at 7 a.m., I was tuned into MSNBC and “Morning Joe”. Hillary Clinton was being interviewed. Hillary was born in 1947 and served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. She continues as a politician and diplomat. The subject being discussed was the presen...

Attitude healing in regards to politics needed

Editor, A brief assessment on our national confusion I term “Trumpism.” This is the human nature attitude and behavior involving anger, fear, attack and blaming others for your own problems. The challenges we face in life are certainly not a new phenomenon. I name it “Trumpism” ...

Vote Shannon O’Brien for Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Editor, Coming from a family where no one could afford to attend college, my parents worked hard and instilled a strong desire in their children to seek an education. I was the first to attend college in our family and treasured the opportunity. Some Montanans have excellent public educational opportun...

Jacinda Morigeau: a Fresh Voice for Senate District 46

Editor, This spring, Western Montana faces a contested Democratic primary election for Senate District 46–a new legislative district that links together urban and rural communities in Missoula, Sanders, and Lake counties. SD 46 includes the southern half of the Flathead Reservation and has one of th...

Jacinda Morigeau is right choice for Senate District 46

Editor, I am excited to support Jacinda Morigeau for Senate District 46.  As an enrolled member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Morigeau is committed to fighting for everyday Montanans. She grew up in Arlee, attended K-12 schools there and is dedicated to her community and Western ...


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