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Lake County Marriages & Divorces for May

Marriages —  Jennifer Jean Toren and William Arthur Harris —  Randy Michael Smith and Ann Marie Deming —  Maggie Anne Baueries and Korey Micheal Green —  Shaughn David Carroll and Julia Lindsay Carroll —  Russell Lee Wolfe and Ruschel Jean Sage —  Lawrence G. Magnus and Cherry Ann Itaas Divorces —  Joseph Castor and Jessica B. Castor —  Jared W. Moles and Dawn M. Moles (Kirby restored) —  Shawn Stutzman and Kris Stutzman —  Joseph A. Gallagher and Robi K. Gallagher (Davis restored) —  Todd M. Schauls and Katherine N. Schauls (Goodlo...

Lake County December 2023 Marriages

Marriages   Mark Richard Gibbons and Kathryn Rae Hall Ryan Thomas Todd and Felicia Maria Camp Jerald Dean Beck and Tammie Ann Davis Christopher D. Martin and Julie Moronuki Jonathan Cody Morton and Alexis Ann V. Barrow Cody Crabtree and Sherry Kohfeld Jane Tyler Makepeace and K...

Lake County Marriage & Divorces for June

Divorces Kendric J. Hale and Brooke E. Hanson Ryan Z. Stunden and Melian E. Humble Grant L. Mitchell and Gabrielle L. Mitchell Mark S. Douma and Kathleen M. Douma (Collins restored) Robert Lohf and Theresda M. Lohf (Corocoran restored) Daniel M. Clairmont and Barbara A. Clairmont Miche...

Lake County Marriages & Divorces for May 2022

Marriages Sam Robert Williams and Angel Marie Sederburg Matthew Jon Wenzel and Theresa M. Anderson Kenneth E. O’Connor Jr. and Catherine J. Walters Zeb Marvin Barber and Adri Michelle Antoine Taelyr Mae Krantz and Trenton J. Abraham Luke Alexander Thielen and Olivia Marie Harrington...

Lake County marriages and divorces for February 2022

Marriages Tilemoana D. Faulkner and Dakota Rae Kakakaway Patrick Urvin May and Sarah Teresa Stanley Edward Ward Stasso and Cassandra J. McClure Hyrum Joseph Taylor and Amanda Marie Dupuis Michael James Dodge and Katie Jo Harper   Divorces Ropeti Ropeti and Jodesa R. Ropeti (B...

Marriages & Divorces

    Marriages Theodore T. Morigeau and Ylena Nicole Gazdik William James Sivelle and Leigh Ann Bradley Christina M. Gardini and Greg Trenton Hamilton   Divorces Richard M. Groff and Jackie L. Groff Adam J. Clairmon and Elizaeth R. Clairmon (Rathe restored) Ter...

Lake County marriages and divorces for Jan. 2022

Marriages Jim Lee Victor and Christina Lucia Garcia John Auther Jarvis and Cynthia Gene Sperry Matthew Jon Woods and Shanae N. Strowbridge Amelie Magali Dufaut and Nicholas E. Rampton Benjamin Fred Voeller and Irina Borisovna Guseva Bobbie M. Stratman and Collin Michael Sternad Norman ...

Lake County marriages and divorces for November 2021

Marriages Kaelen Christine Wall and Dylan Chaz Kelley Justin Douglas McCoy and Ashley N. Dishoungh Michael J. McClelland and Taylor S. Sydney Alex William Helgeson and Tautiana R. Butler Joclynn Joan Cass and Landin T. Zimmerer William Lloyd Jenkins and Maxine Jane Ramey   Div...

Lake County Marriages and Divorces for July 2021

Marriages David Allan Clark and Brandi Marie Lake Templer Zachary Carlyle Jantz and Krystal Dawn Jantz  Jordynn Imari Mays and Joe Verl Hansen Joshua Jack Loyda and Amber Fay Metzger  Celeste Angelique Rehbein and Deontae Karl Gillespie  Daygan Matthew Cross and Cody Jay He...

Lake County Marriages and Divorces for June 2021

Marriages Sarah Lynn Anderson and Christopher M. Owens Tressa Joy Unruh and Justin Wade Koehn Kenna Rae Luttrell and Vernon Seth Breding Emilie Ann Corley and Corbin Matthew Davis Ashten Rachelle Hadley and Jeremiah Michael Welch Ashley Nicole Byrd and Cody Natoni Sifford Sarah Reva Be...


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