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Be a light for peace, harmony

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Trump’s presidency and post-presidency’s personal motivations have opened and encouraged a most interesting example of “human nature in action.” He has attracted a “base of believers” harboring his same mental attitudes of anger, fear, attack, and blaming others for your problems. This has thoroughly affected our nation’s democracy because many present Republican legislators are very fearful of Trump. They fear that some of Trumps “base” will spring into deadly personal action if they speak out against Trump.

This period in our nation is certainly a critical test for the continuation as a democratic system of government. Our nation depends upon the power of the voting public. Right now our nation needs each of us, individually, to choose “right from wrong” in our thinking, speaking out, and voting.

We humans have each been blessed with the God-given gift of making choices in how we think, speak, and act. For the time we each have left in this world of ours, let’s keep our thoughts, words, and actions creatively positive and be a light for world peace and harmony.

Bob McClellan


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