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Americans must stand in support of Israel

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The most important global issue of the day is that of the middle east conflict. The barbaric evil of Hamas was in full display Oct. 7. The reports are undeniable; “The IDF told CNN that women, children, toddlers and elderly were brutally butchered in an ISIS way of action.” (CNN, Oct. 13) LA Times, Oct.12 wrote, “Reporting on the violence by Hamas and response by Israel ... is requiring onscreen warnings before showing pictures of how the Hamas onslaught killed families and children in their homes, leaving behind blood-soaked floors, beds and cribs.” 

Israel’s patience, self-control, and specifically their calculated response has been remarkable. Israel continues making extensive efforts to warn the residents of Gaza by dropping pamphlets, sending text messages, and even phone calls to individuals to warn of impending bombings. (Alice Cuddy, BBC). When has any other country extended such humanitarian effort amid war to warn their enemy of impending attacks? Israel’s concern for minimal casualties comes even with the knowledge Gaza residents cheered the Oct. 7 murder of Israel civilians with a distain for Israel/America (, Oct. 8). The delineation between ‘innocent civilians’ and ‘pro Hamas terrorist supporters’ presumed in almost all news stories is very questionable. Post Oct. 7 attacks, the Israeli response has been characterized by high level ethics and morality. If Hamas were to lay down its weapons today, there would be peace. If Israel were to lay down its weapons today, there would be a Jewish genocide. 

Americans must take a strong stand in support of alliance with Israel. In everyday conversations, we must speak out against the Hamas hatred and their resolve to destroy Jews. American university students siding with Hamas, the liberal media supporting Hamas with biased headlines, or Congresswoman R. Tlaib promoting Hamas’ false reporting, all must be countered with truth. Likewise, we must speak out and challenge fellow Montanan’s who parrot any narrative of justification for Hamas. This is a terrorist organization that cut open a pregnant woman and then executed both baby and mother ( Oct. 12). This kind of evil shares no Western values. 

This is not a political battle. Will we as a civilization acquiesce to this evil and those who support it? I aspire to duplicate the courage of Democrat U.S. Senator Fetterman who waved the Israeli flag at a ceasefire protest at the Capitol and Republican U.S. Senator Cruz who stated, “The United States must ensure that Israel has all the weapons and all the time that it needs to utterly eradicate Hamas.”

This is one issue on which any American desiring peace must unite. Call out the hideous support of Hamas’ evil and confidently and loudly reaffirm support of Israel.

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