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We cannot afford to lose our democracy

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Three considerations:

(A) In our nation, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, male or female, young or old, our experiences have generally formed a trust in our two-party democratic system of government. However, many Republicans are presently baffled and bewildered by current politics. How is personal fear and anger affecting these confusions?

(B) Be alert America. Be alert world. Climate change is real. Challenges are already affecting human life on earth. This is just the beginning. We humans had better pay attention, learn, believe, and act sensibly and effectively.

(C) Just listen to any newscast. They all talk about President Biden personally. It is the same with candidate Trump. My point is this: An active presidency goes way beyond one person. It involves many people’s attention and power. Some are in key positions advising the president. The president is getting daily helpful and important advice. And note this: The comparisons of the Biden presidency with a Trump presidency presents clear and factual evidence that our nation under Trump would be a nation ruled by dictatorial means. We cannot afford to lose our democracy. Let’s get behind a movement promoting democracy in our candidate for president.

Bob McClellan


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