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There’s a new resource available to the public to stay up to speed on what is happening at the Legislature that I’d like to make you aware of. 

Last year, the Senate Republican caucus launched an email newsletter that anyone can subscribe to receive. It’s free, is sent once a month during the interim before next year’s legislative session, and you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. The newsletter is an official government resource, which means it’ll never be campaigning for anyone, ask you for donations, or bombard you with other types of spammy political messages.

So far, we’ve used the newsletter to make Montanans aware of timely, important things they should know, such as when and how to apply for tax rebates. We’ve also done deep dives into a variety of policy areas, such as housing, education, online privacy in the age of technology, and much more. Additionally, the newsletter routinely highlights the impacts of legislation on the ground, giving examples of how policy work done during a legislative session actually affects our communities. Another regular feature is highlighting informative news stories you can read if you want to get up to speed on a topic in more detail. 

Our goal with the newsletter is simple: provide Montanans another resource to know what their Republican state senators are up to at the Capitol and in their communities. And while our newsletter is focused on the work of Republican senators, we also highlight policies and information that come from all members of the Legislature, whether House or Senate, Republican or Democrat. The Montana Legislature is still a place where a lot of good bipartisan work happens. 

If you’d like to become more informed about the Legislature’s work and how your elected representatives are serving you, I’d encourage you to check out the newsletter by subscribing. 

You can subscribe using this link:

Or this shortened link:

Or, if you’re having an issue using the links, you can email our staff at:

The Senate Republican caucus is glad to make this new resource available to Montanans. 

Senator Jason Ellsworth, R-Hamilton, is the President of the Montana Senate. 

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