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Articles with the Tag: Montana Medical Marijuana Act

SAFE Banking Act will make Montanans safer

Montanans approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the 2020 election. I didn’t support the initiative, but I accept the will of the people and am devoted to working within the law to benefit all citizens. Following through has not been easy. Federal law still classifies marijua...

Lake County to vote on marijuana tax

LAKE COUNTY — Recreational marijuana has been legal in Montana since January 1, and medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2004, but neither are taxed locally in Lake County. That could change on election day.  Voters will decide whether to impose a 3% local tax on the sale of recr...

Who’s positioned to gain from adult-use marijuana legalization Who’s positioned to gain from adult-use marijuana legalization

MONTANA — For the past year, concertgoers headed to downtown Missoula’s Wilma Theatre have passed Rocky Mountain Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary next door to the venue and across the street from a new hotel. If Montanans pass one of several ballot initiatives this November to legalize a...

Ballot barriers: How advocates plan to take recreational marijuana to Montana voters

MONTANA — At least three separate groups are organizing to legalize recreational marijuana in Montana on the 2020 ballot, a process complicated by rules regarding citizen initiatives, expense and a peculiarity of the state constitution. The groups are taking varied approaches to getting their initia...

Voters make their mark Voters make their mark

LAKE COUNTY — The Ronan Public Safety Mill Levy to match funds for a $124,311 grant to hire additional police officers may be facing a recount after it failed by just two votes on Nov. 8. The K-12 St. Ignatius School District No. 28 also failed 574-712, although it fared better than when it was introdu...

Physician, patient, voters offer I-182 viewpoint Physician, patient, voters offer I-182 viewpoint

MONTANA — On Nov. 2, 2004, voters of Montana passed Initiative 148, legalizing the use of cannabis as medicine for various conditions and diseases. The vote was 62 percent yes to 38 percent no. It eliminated criminal sanctions for medical cannabis authorized by a patient’s physician. Patients ...

Medical marijuana initiative one of four to make Nov. 8 ballot

MONTANA — At least 24 initiatives were filed this spring, hoping to be placed on Montana’s Nov. 8 ballot. Only four passed. One of those was the Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative, I-182, which supporters call a responsible and accountable law regarding medical marijuana. The goal of the ...

Medical marijuana initiative proposes responsible regulations, accountibilty

MONTANA — Supporters of an initiative to allow access to medical marijuana for people with debilitating illnesses are diligently gathering more than 35,000 valid signatures needed by June 17 to put the proposed law on the Nov. 8 ballot. The goal of the new citizens’ initiative is to address co...

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