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Slices of Life

“ It is what it is.” I’ve said this phrase quite a few times - many even. So much so that now, when I hear someone else fall back on these five words, I understand their secret, sorrowful, message. It is what it is.  What it means: I can’t change my current circumstances, but I desperately wish I could.  Life isn’t fair, and right now it feels very unfair. I feel defeated. Empty. Up against all odds. I want to cry, but don’t want to right now because I’m all cried out. I feel very, very alone.  I need a hug. And so on. (You get the gist.) It is what it is. Sigh. It is a sadness we never anticipated....

Valley Views

Since the 2023-2024 respiratory season began Oct. 1, 2023, 77 Montanans have died due to COVID, and close to 700 COVID hospitalizations have occurred. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, more commonly referred to as SARS-CoV-2, reared its proverbial ugly head in Montana four years ago, in...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

For the last 14 years, I have had the honor of serving as a member of the Montana Legislature. In each session, the Legislature has passed bills which the Governor has vetoed. While many members of the Legislature find vetoes frustrating, a vote to override a veto is an opportunity for the Legislature to ...

Vote for candidates who support women’s rights

Editor, “It's the mark of a backward society....when decisions are made for women by men.” (Melinda Gates) March is Women's History Month. There is much to celebrate. I am honoring Jeanette Rankin for her votes for peace; RBG for her dedication to progressive principles; Rosa Parks for her ...

Legislative Notes  Legislative Notes

Montana beer is a unique industry. Local breweries are dedicated customers of Montana farmers, buying locally grown raw agricultural ingredients. They brew those ingredients into a wide array of delicious, value-added, made-in-Montana products that routinely win national awards.  Breweries have becom...

Slices of Life

I’m a recent transplant - from a northern state to a southern one. I now spend winters in Florida, but for most of my life, I endured the (harsh, frigid, bitter, unending, Arctic, hyperborean) winters of Minnesota, aka Minnesnowta (cold nose, warm heart).  I like to think it made me stronger. H...

Same story, different year

Editor, Two (2) years ago this letter to the editor of mine was printed in some local papers. “Time flies when you are having fun,” right? Here’s what I wrote: How can the divided Republican party find a “non-Trumpian” to be candidate for president? We know there is a g...

Valley Views Valley Views

Gallatin County is a close-knit community, and as one of your commissioners, I see so many helpers across our communities working to support their vulnerable neighbors and make our community safety nets stronger. A recent act of goodness came in the form of a successful mill levy in 2022 that voters approved...

Slices of Life

(This column is part of a seven or perhaps 11-part series.) Chapter one, number one. You know what they say: sometimes you just have to laugh. And why not? Laughter can be healing. It can be an escape. It lowers stress. It gives a boost to your immune system. It is relaxing. It is stimulating. It ...

Valley Views Valley Views

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began just over two years ago, and the devastating war that has followed has been a catastrophe for Ukrainians and Russians alike. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians have been killed, tens of thousands more have been wounded and maimed, and an almost incomprehensib...

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