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Legislature missed chance to improve access

Polls consistently show that Montanans support public lands and access to them. And yet, the 2019 Montana Legislature consistently opposed bills that improve access and supported bills that reduce it. Of the four bills that would have improved access, three died. Meanwhile, the anti-access bills, HB 550 and HB 265 garnered more support. Luckily, HB 550 died on the Senate floor after massive action was taken by Montana’s hunters and anglers. But sportsmen and sportswomen are deeply disappointed that the Legislature passed HB 265, sponsored by Rep. Kerry White (R-Bozeman). This came despite strong opposition to the bill from sporting organizations representing tens of thousands of...

Life’s lessons Life’s lessons

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from my sister. I have just one sister. A “little” sister. She is two years and five days younger than me. When we were girls, it felt like a big gap. Eons of time separated us. She was always the little sister; I was the big one. She was expected to...

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