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Strike Two for Tribal Health Department

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This letter is being addressed to the Tribal Council and the Tribal Health management.

Once again failure within the Tribal Health Department in the same program that failed to bring me to my scheduled surgery back in January 2024. 

Upon calling their program in December 2023, letting them know I have a prescription that I sent over to the Ronan Pharmacy from another pharmacy because Medicaid does not cover it and was requesting their help to pick it up due to my medical condition.

The program stated that the CHR worker was going to “pick up my prescribed medication.”

Another week passed since that initial call to their department, no delivery of the medication had ever arrived, so I gave them little more time since they informed me they were going to deliver it. Then no medication was delivered to me … decided to give there program a call … 

after speaking to Ms. Grant, she informed me again that so and so CHR worker said she was going pick it up.

Once again time was passing by and no medication was ever delivered by their program and I am fed up with them. I needed my medication and am busted up, and that’s putting it mildly considering they never got me to the hospital for my surgery two weeks prior.

So, I got Transit to pick me up first sign of daylight and had them drop me off at the Ronan Tribal Health Pharmacy and waited across the street; for one hour for the Tribal Health Pharmacy to open.

Upon receiving my medications, records indicated my prescription medication was at Tribal Health for over a month.

Just because I am a tribal member does not give the program the right to neglect their responsibilities.

If my memory of the law does not elude me, it is illegal to keep an individual from their medications. 

Perhaps legal action should be taken.

Sharlene Peone


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