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Transitioning to clean energy ultimately frees us

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Re:  “Enough already” (January 24, 2024). 

Contrary to the suggestion in the letter, heading off the worst effects of climate change need not require any restrictions on personal liberties. Neither scientists who’ve provided our understanding of the issue, nor advocates of a transition to clean energy are interested in controlling others’ lives. Climate advocates simply share with most readers the desire for our children and grandchildren to have lives full of choices and free from disruptions and unnecessary costs.

Some advocates of climate action adhere to political views with which the letter writer would no doubt disagree. However, many conservative, small-government favoring groups recognize the damage we’re doing to our planet by burning fossil fuels, and support free market-oriented approaches to the problem. A quick and partial list would include Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, RepublicEN, American Conservation Coalition, and Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends.

A future in which we power our world with energy that doesn’t pollute the atmosphere will be cheaper and healthier. We now have most of the tools we need to energize our lives sustainably for the first time in human history. Still needed is sufficient political will to support common-sense policies to speed the transition to nonpolluting energy.

Let’s transcend our fears and work together to provide a brighter future for our children.

Rich Harris



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