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White pleads not guilty to charges related to death of Arlee woman

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POLSON — Sunny Kathrinne White pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide while under the influence (or alternatively – negligent homicide), accidents involving another person or deceased person, two counts of criminal child endangerment, and a count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs during arraignment proceedings in Lake County District Court on Nov. 8.

According to charging court documents, on or about March 31, 2023, CSKT Tribal Police Officer T.J. Haynes discovered vehicle debris on Highway 93 and a body lying next to the fog line just north of Arlee at 4:15 a.m. Haynes contacted dispatch to initiate a search for the vehicle involved. He observed that the victim was deceased and eventually identified her as Mika Westwolf.

Based on a part number from vehicle debris, a range of make, year and model of the suspect vehicle was obtained. A 2008 gold Cadillac Escalade with front end damage that met the specific range being searched for was discovered at 5:23 a.m. parked outside of Polson. According to information filed, a woman later identified as White, was moving items from the Escalade into another vehicle. White stated that her vehicle was overheating and she’d called a friend to help her. White’s two children, four and two were in her vehicle. White said she had hit a deer while passing a bottle back to her baby and had not stopped. 

Charging documents further read that a concerned citizen reported to law enforcement having seen a suburban-like vehicle pulled off on the side of the road with a front headlight out. He stated the same vehicle caught up to him and passed him traveling at 90 mph. 

Surveillance video from a nearby business and cell phone records corroborate the concerned citizen’s report and the presence of White’s cell phone in that area at the time.

Methamphetamine was discovered upon search of White’s vehicle. Results of a blood draw obtained from White via search warrant revealed the presence of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

A trial date of May 6, 2024 has been set for the case.

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