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OPI brings PowerSchool’s modern data systems to Montana

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News from Linda Reksten, Rep., HD 12 Vice-Chair, Education

HELENA — Montana’s Office of Public Instruction (OPI) partnered with the nation’s most experienced education technology provider, PowerSchool, via an $8.4 million contract to bring modern data solutions to school districts across the state. This partnership utilizes Connected Intelligence for secure data sharing and Unified Insights for parent, district and/or school decision-making to accelerate student success.

The education goal set forth in the Montana Constitution states, “It is the goal of the people to establish a system of education which will develop the full educational potential of each person of the state.” Powerful words indeed. OPI’s investment in PowerSchool’s’ data system moves all of Montana in this direction by providing parents, students, educators, and school districts with the information necessary to personalize education towards meeting this lofty goal. 

OPI, utilizing PowerSchool’s proven security system, will manage all school district data from  a secure setting, protecting student privacy by allowing only authorized access. Parents will be informed on how well their child’s needs are being met. Teachers will be informed as to what each student needs. Administrators will be able to leverage their staff’s strength and address any shortcomings. OPI will be informed as to what is working and what needs work. Decisions can be based on accurate and complete information. Moreover, this platform was chosen because it integrates seamlessly with existing school data systems, adding information without adding additional burden to already busy teachers.

PowerSchool, through Connected Intelligence and Unified Insights, uses simple graphs and charts to show student information clearly, so parents and teachers can make informed decisions without having to be a data scientist. Educators can customize the settings to meet the unique need of each student through a personalized dashboard that allows them to effortlessly track student progress.

The platform also provides local communities visibility into the academic performance of each school without compromising individual student security. Parents that are informed make better choices, and schools that are informed improve outcomes.

Overall, these new data tools will help parents and schools support student success in today’s high-tech world. Kudos to Montana OPI and PowerSchool for ushering in a powerful new education tool, where data and technology work together to unlock the true potential of every student.

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